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Martha Byrne plays "Lily" on "As the World Turns"


Nickname:  Martha
Born:  Ridgewood, N.J.; December 23
Family:  brother brandon, 2 sisters Fran and Liz, husband Michael and 
son Michael
Favorite Song:  Instrumental theme from "Pulp Fiction"
Favorite Soaps:  "The Young and the Restless"
                 "The Bold and the Beautiful"
                 "Guiding Light"
Hobbies:  Repairing and decorating her home
Proudest Moment:  Marriage to Michael McMahon
First acting job:  orphan "July" in "Annie"
Best kisser on the show:  Paolo Seganti "Damien"
Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving
Her inspiration:  her mother
Albums:  Martha Byrne and Woman Thing Music
How long on ATWT:  May 1985-October 1989, April 1993-present
Awards:  Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series (1987)
five-time Daytime Emmy nominee for Outstanding Younger Actress in a 
Drama Series, 2001 nominee for Outstanding Actress as Lily/Rose (Watch 
NBC on May 18 to see if she wins).

Acting Career:  appeared in "Murder, She Wrote" 
                             "Kate and Allie" 
                          "Jake and the Fatman" 
                       "In the Heat of the Night"
                              "Doogie Howser"
                             "The Young Riders"
                              "Parker Lewis"
                             "Over My Dead Body"
                             "Pros and Cons"
                             "Hearts are Wild"
                             "The Hamptons"
                             "Pink Lightning"
                             "Drop-Out Father"
                              "The Harvest"
                          "She's Hired, He's Fired"
                         "Anna to the Infinite Power"
                           "The Eyes of the Amaryllis"

Movies:  "When the Cradle Falls"
         "The Marksman"

Character History:  Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Malzone 
grew up in the home of her adoptive mother, Lucinda Walsh.  Her 
real mother is Iva Snyder, who conceived Lily when she was raped 
by Josh Snyder (a.k.a. Josh Landry).  Iva ran away to Los Angeles to 
have the baby and gave the infant up for adoption.  Lily met 
Holden while he was working in the stables for her adoptive 
mother.  She was dating Dusty Donovan at the time.  

Lily's first husband was Derek Mason.  He married Lily as part of his father's 
plot to kill the young heiress for her money, but Derek actually 
fell in love with his mark.  He gave his life to save Lily's.  
After that trauma, Lily ran away to Switzerland where she had 
plastic surgery (Martha left the show and Heather Rattray replaced 
her).  When she returned to Oakdale, she succeeded in 
marrying Holden (after having a relationship with Caleb Snyder, 
which drove Holden into the arms and bed of Caleb's then ex-wife, 
Julie Wendall Snyder, which resulted in a baby named Aaron, who 
was adopted by Holden's sister Iva.)  

Holden and Lily conceived a baby, but Lily miscarried, and this put a great 
deal of stress on their relationship.  It was during this period in 
time that Holden learned that he was Aaron's father.  He ran off to 
New York to confront Julie with the truth, and while he was there he 
was violently attacked during a mugging and the resulting surgery to 
save his life caused him to lose his memory.  When the Snyder clan 
finally tracked him down, they succeeded in convincing him to return 
to Luther's Corners.  Not remembering anything about the man he was, 
he asked Lily for a divorce, which traumatized her.  

She was further traumatized when she learned that Lucinda knew about 
Holden's accident and never bothered to mention it to anyone.  With 
all this trauma in her life, Lily did what she always does.  She ran 
away to Europe.  When she returned from Europe this time, she looked 
just like she did before she'd had her plastic surgery from the 
previous trip (no one seemed to notice) and she had a new husband, 
Damien Grimaldi.  Holden pouted a lot.  He seduced Lily in the 
belltower of the church where they had been married.  He tried to 
convince her that Damien was evil.  

In the end, Orlena had killed Eduardo.  Damien and Lily fell back in 
love.  Holden left for a memory loss research facility.  Damien "dies" 
in a plane crash while flying to expose Umberto.  Diego shows up and 
takes a new identity while all the time trying to get closer to Lily.  
Turns out Diego and Umberto are the same person.  She hires a detective 
and does investigating on her own to find out Diego was responsible 
for her husband's death.  She plots to marry him if he will "come clean" 
with her about all the bad things he has done in his life.  He won't 
tell her until they are married.  She walks down the aisle with the 
scum and attempts to shoot him.  Someone aims better and kills him.  
She served time in jail until Kirk confessed to being the real killer.  
Holden returns to get Lily back.  The institute in N.Y. helped him 
recover 100%. He remembers the love he felt for her and finally gets 
her back.  Holden and Lily are in love again.  Damien survived the 
crash and has been recovering at some type of seminary.  He decides to 
come back for Lily and Luke.  After the shock, he finally accepts that 
Lily loves Holden after he plans a surprise wedding for Lily and 
himself.  Lily was very strong through all of this.  Damien returned 
to the seminary.  

Lily and Holden finally marry and start to live "happily ever after" 
until she gets pregnant.  Why?  David Stenbeck kidnaps her and Julia.
She has Faith during this traumatic time, David switches babies (in
exchange for Hope-Denise and Andy's offspring).  Holden rescues them, 
shoots David and buries him alive while he is unconscious.

He is so determined to live that he digs his way out, has plastic 
surgery and raises Hope, or who he calls Melinda, himself.  He comes
back to Oakdale and Reid Hamilton to claim that Lily and Holden don't 
deserve their real child because they "killed" him and got away with 
it.  To try to prove David is really dead, they exhume his grave.  
Finding it empty, and other clues they conclude that Reid is David.  
Molly and Julia help.  Then Lily finds out Hope and Faith have been 
switched.  Denise gets Hope back while Lily and Holden get Faith back.  

Through lies and deceit, Lily meets her long lost twin Rose.  To make a 
long story short, Rose and Lily dress alike; Lily is stuck on a deserted 
island; Rose and Holden 'get together'.  Lily is rescued, Rose tries to 
leave but falls for Holden.  Lily comes home and everyone is shocked.  
Rose played her well.  Lily is still trying to decide if she wants to 
stick it out with him knowing he couldn't tell the difference between her
and a long lost twin.  Not to mention the Australian hottie she was trapped 
on the island with, Simon, has feelings for her.   

Martha presently lives in New York State with her husband, Michael 
McMahon; a New York City Police Officer and their child Michael 
(born on May 29, 1998).

To join her fan club and receive a newsletter, write to:
c/o CBS Television
524 W. 57th St.
New York, NY  10019

Her two albums include:  self-titled (songs performed on ATWT)
                         Woman Thing Music

To order her Cds, call 1-800-MMBYRNE.

Every year, Martha hosts the annual Daytime Television Salutes 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital benefit at the Marriott Marquis in 
New York City.  This year was the 7th annual.  She participates in many 
charity events such as:
..an annual Flea Market that benefits Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids 
at Shubert Alley
..39th annual Gambling Gala at the New York Hilton
..Feast with Famous Faces for the League for the Hard of Hearing, infant 
and children's services
..Barr Middle School PTA Fashion Show and Dinner at the Nyack Grande in 
Nyack, NY

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