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Quotes from Monty Python

These are quoted from the 
movie "Monty Python and 
the Holy Grail"  
Disclaimer:  this page is
in no way related to Monty 
Python or its producers. 
It is merely a fanpage.

Every time I try to talk 
to someone it's 'sorry' 
this and 'forgive me' that
and 'I'm not worthy'!

All right, all right. We'll 
kill him first and then have 
tea and biscuits.

I'll bite your legs off!

What are you going to do, 
bleed on me?

You've got two empty halves 
of coconut and you're 
banging them together.

Cut down a tree with a 

Bring out your dead!

I fart in your general 

What is your favorite color?

I'm French!  Why do you 
think I have this 
outrageous accent, you 
silly king?

O Lord, bless this thy 
hand grenade, that with 
it thou mayest blow thy
enemies to tiny bits in 
thy mercy.

Your mother was a hamster 
and your father smelled 
of elderberries.

We are no longer the 
knights who say 'ni'.  
We are now the knights who
say 'Ekki ekki ekki ekki 
pikang zoom-boing'

King of the who?

We are the knights who say 

You're a looney.

The monks' chant.  "Pie Iesu 
Domine.  Dona Eis Requiem.

Who's that, then?
I don't know.  Must be a king.
He hasn't got shit all over him.

Well, she turned me into a newt!
A newt?
I got better.

None shall pass.

I'm not dead!

One, two, five!
Three, sir.  

Death awaits you all with 
nasty big pointy teeth.

Help!  Help!  I'm being 

Run away!

Tis but a scratch.

On second thought, let's 
not go to Camelot.  It is 
a silly place.

What do you mean?  An African
or a European swallow?

Look, you stupid bastard, 
you've got no arms left
Yes, I have.
It's just a flesh wound.

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