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What are Veggie ask?

Veggie Tales are 30 minute cartoons about christian values and stories 
from the bible.  The characters are vegetables, such as the picture at 
the top of this page.  Some of the characters are Larry the cucumber, 
Bob the tomato and Junior asparagus. It is written for children but I 
love it. 

Disclaimer:  This page is in no way connected to Big Idea Productions, 
it is simply a fanpage.

"If you like to talk to tomatos
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
up and down the produce aisle

Have we got a show for you

Veggie Tales...Veggie Tales...Veggie Tales
Veggie Tales...Veggie Tales...Veggie Tales

Broccoli, celery, Got to be... Veggie Tales
Lima beans, collared greens, peachy keen...Veggie Tales
Califlower, sweet and sour, half an hour...Veggie Tales

There's never, ever, ever, ever, ever been a show like Veggie Tales 
There's never, ever, ever, ever, ever been a show like Veggie Tales

It's time for Veggie Tales"

Here are the titles:

Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
God Wants me to Forgive Them?
Are you my Neighbor?
Rack, Shack and Benny
The Toy that Saved Christmas
Dave and the Giant Pickle
Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space
Silly Songs Sing Along
Silly sing Along 2:  The End of Silliness?
Madame Blueberry
Josh and The Big Wall
Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed

Also, a CD featuring all the Veggie Tale Tunes
"Veggie Tunes"

All brought to you by BIG IDEA PRODUCTIONS

Funny Quotes from Veggie Tales

I love my lips

Look out there.  What do you see?  
My Curtains!

God is bigger than the boogieman!

He's not really Frankencelery, he's just a guy named Phil from Toledo.

So you guys are really wise men, huh?  Were you always that way or 
did you have to go to school for that?

Don't I get a phone ca-a-all?!

I'm abumblebee...abednego...I'm Benny!

Look up.  What do you see?
My Window.
No!  Outside the window!  God made all those stars.  He just went pfft'
and they were there.

I don't want no tissue when my nose is runny I just want a plate and a 
fork and a bunny.

You look like Captain Crunch.
Do not!
Do too!
Do not!
You're making me hungry!

His voice is like a chorus of little birdies.  Smooth like butter on a 
bald monkey.

Larry-Boy mania is sweeping the nation.  If you're not on board 
you're gonna miss the train.

You're so early nineties, Bob.

We could use him as a foot stool or a table to play scrabble and then 
tie him up and beat him up and throw him out of Babylon.

Why do you need a hair brush, you don't have any hair?

This is sitting, this is standing.  I'm standing!

Bob is really angry.  I hope he doesn't catch me.  It's really hard 
to run with this sombrero on my head.

Lookin great, fashion plate...looking lean, green machine...out of
site, veggimite (Dy-no-mite!)...Larry-Boy!

Consider this game...Post-poned.

Cheese in the crust-that's tremendous!

The lima beans are...lacking?
The nectarines are...quacking?
The Philistines are attacking!

Hey Bob, my arms are free!  
Uh, Larry.  
Yeah Bob.  
You don't have any arms.

They turned blue.  What could I do?  She had a beard and it felt wierd.
My friends all laughed...ousta!

You could play the guitar
Bo-o-ob, I can't, I don't have any hands
Hurry up & tell the story.  My head's starting to sweat

Oh, look!  I get to go all the way to Princess Lolly.  Your turn.
Still stuck.

I'll be your tootsie-wootsie
Perhaps you could play your harp while I...throw things at you.

What, Bob?
Mousetrap.  I wanted to play Mousetrap.  You roll the dice, you 
move the mice.  Nobody gets hurt.

Hey boss, look.  I'm an elf!

Bob, What are the Philippines?
The Philippines are a group of islands off the south east coast of
Asia...but that's not important.  The Philistines...

I'm a cucumber.
WAAAAAHHHH!  Billy has more toys than me!
Who's Billy?
I don't know but he has more toys than me!

...and squeeze...and jump...and squeeze...and jump...and squeeze,
and...Oh my!  Bob!

Can God squirt slime out of his ears?

Can God turn me into a chicken?  I've always wanted to be a chicken.

Hey Bob, I just bought a chocolate factory with no money down.
You did what!?

Bob...I'm feelin a little woozie....

Hey Jane, stop this crazy thing.

In the name of Fergus McDoughal!

Why didn't you tell me that before I jumped on his head???

Hey boss, they ain't singin'...maybe they're stuck?

Aren't you wired?  Hooked up?  Surfin the web?

How many of them did we throw into the fire boss?
Three.  Why?
There's four in there now and one of them's REAL shiny!

I love you little Mr.  I love you big Mr.

My friends all laughed and I just stood there until the fire 
department came and broke the lock with a crowbar and I had to 
spend 6 weeks in lip rehab with a kid named Oscar who was stung 
by a bee right on the lips and we didn't even speak until the fifth 
week, because both of our lips were so swollen, and when we did speak
he only spoke Polish and I only know like three words except now I 
know four because Oscar taught me the word for lips...Ousta!

One more time, please...and this time, let's work on our enunciation.

Well, I learned that doing something that you know isn't such a good 
idea just to be cool isn't very cool.  I put an oven mit on my head 
just because Veggie Beat magazine said it would make me cool, even 
though I couldn't see anything.  It didn't make me cool.  It made me 
bump into a toaster, and then fall into the sink.  And now I can't get
out of here.  I'm gonna be stuck here forever and people are gonna set
plates on my head and I'm never gonna get to go to the circus, or run
through the fresh cut grass, or feel the ocean breeze in my hair as I 
pilot my nibble scooner felix off the coast of our family home in 
Kenny Bunkfort.  Oh Auntie Em!  There's no place like home!  There's 
no place like home!, click, click.

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